Valentine's Day

我从英国国内的BBC广播电台Radio 4录制了所有的音频文件。



It’s Valentine’s Day today, so here’s a few audio files focusing on same-sex attraction, romance, love and marriage. I recorded all of them from the BBC’s domestic UK radio station, Radio 4.

They cover disparate styles and aspects of the subject. One is an exploration of same-sex attraction and love in poetry across the millenia. Another is a radio play spanning through centuries and raising questions about the origins of religious ideas and beliefs around homosexuality. Three are in documentary style, one is historical, the second explores whether or not there is still a need for coming out and the last looks at attitudes towards same-sex marriage within several religions.

Hoping that there is something here for everyone. I’ll include within the torrent longer text files describing the content of each audio file in greater detail. Briefly, they are:

  1. Cupid Loves Eros

Queer love poetry across the millennia. Val McDairmid, Stephen Fry, Jackie Kay and Neil Bartlett all choose their favourite poems that explore and celebrate same-sex love.

  1. Love Across The Ages

A controversial radio drama tackling love between two Muslim men from Iran in 815 right through to modern-day 2023 Bradford in Yorkshire using the classical Muslim poet Abu Nuwas as a guide and our Cupid.

  1. Mr Lucas’s Diaries

Possibly the most tragic of these files. His diaries document his life growing up gay in 1940s UK when being discovered to be a gay man could result in up to 2 years jail time. For almost 70 years he felt that he had to pay for sex. He was a gay man living on the margins of a straight society which abhorred and condemned his very existence. I found this really painful to listen to and thanked all that is good that I was born later!

  1. Beyond Belief? - Same Sex Marriage

A discussion programme spanning all varieties of religious belief. In this edition a gay Sikh man speaks for himself. He debates why he should be able to religiously marry his husband with another Sikh, a Hindu and an Evangelical Christian.

  1. The End of Coming Out?

Documentary from Dustin Lance Black, the screenwriter of Milk and also the husband of Olympic Gold medal diver, Tom Daley. The journey of coming out has long been a rite of passage for LGBTQ people. For some, it’s an empowering opportunity to be true to oneself, friends and family. Do we still need to come out? Or are we already “here”?(G5V.NET


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