All Movies and shorts by Mauro Carvalho (Cousins)

赛尔顿·梅罗Mauro Carvalho的所有电影和短片。

All Movies and shorts by Mauro Carvalho.

Cousins 2019

Drama · Romance · Comedy

Original name: Primos

Running time: 1h 23m

English subs

Lucas is a young guy who lives with his religious aunt Lourdes in a quiet country town. He helps his aunt by holding religious meetings with the ladies of the area, in the living room, playing biblical songs on the keyboard. This quiet life will end with the arrival of another nephew, Mario, just out of jail. The clash of reality between the cousins ends up causing unusual situations, and an unexpected attraction among the boys. Sweet and sexy.

About us 2017

Romance · Drama

Original name: Sobre Nós

Running time: 1h 13m

English subs

The Love Story between Matheus and Diego is portrayed in the film script Diego writes when he becomes a filmmaker. Beautiful, sexy and melancholic.

Get a Room, short, 2016


Original name: Tenho Local

Running time: 19m

English subs

Daniel sets a date for casual sex with a stranger at his place. He lives exiting moments of passion in a night where not everything is what it seems.

Tips, 2016, short

Crime · Drama - Comedy

Original name: Gorjetas

Running time: 18m

English subs

Mario (Thiago Cazado) is in debt. To pay the bills, he displays his body on a famous porn site. When a burgler enters his appartment things take an unexpected turn.

WC masculino, short film, mystery, 2017

Running time: 17:31

no subtitles available

Leo (William Alves) is the perfect husband. Successful and happily married, he is surprised by the visit of André (Thiago Cazado), the newest friend of his wife (Mel Carneiro). At an informal dinner, he has to deal with the crazy boy’s innuendo and threat.

Para Eric, short film, 2015

drama, 28 minutes,

English subtitles are autogenerated and computer translated, not good but better than nothing, right? A short film based on true events, it tells the story of Arthur’s search for his husband Eric, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances after losing his memory in a car accident.

Like, 2014, short, drama,

Running time: 18 min

No subs but there are hardly any words spoken,

Felipe is a 23-year-old gay man, who frequents a famous dating app. There he meets Rafael - a handsome and seductive 27-year-old boy, bent on winning him over. However, the promising flirt soon turns into an addictive and immersive game. What was supposed to be a simple date becomes an ongoing obsession that will set Felipe on a mysterious journey.

From the soundrack the love theme.(G5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent


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