Swimsuit Specials (Marvel & Wildstorm) (1991-1997)

Swimsuit Specials!

Comic book heroes in 1990s swimsuits. Need I say more?

Marvel (1991-1995)

These are well drawn, fun and focus as much as the guys as on the women. Iceman and Northstar make appearances as do all our other favourites “as you’ve never seen them before!”

Wildstorm (1994 -1997)

Holy fuck, the majority of the drawings in these specials were appalling. You know that criticism of “nearly-naked female superheroes are mostly drawn by comic book nerds who’ve never actually seen a naked woman”? Yeah, those specials were a total assault on the senses. So what I’ve done is just pulled out the quality drawings of guys and collated them into one short comic. You can tell the issue and date it came from by the name of the jpg.(G5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent