My Freaky Love Story (Filipino,EngSub,1080p) Episode 12 END

This is a new series from Producers NxtGn Productions in the Philippines.

English subtitles are supplied by the producers, and are provided here embedded in the .mkv file.

If you need them separately, just demux them with the appropriate Matroska utility program.

The episode is in 2 parts, just play them in numerical order.

The running time for this Final episode is just over 36 and a half minutes.

PLOT: After a night of heavy drinking, Charlene wakes up in a man’s body as a punishment by her Fairy Godmother. However, Charlie is the only one that remembers Charlene used to be a woman. Now, Charlene must find her one true love in order to get back to her original body.(G5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent