Jacob Kotzky Ze'ev Revach Pa'amaim Buskila AKA Buskila Twins1998 Israel

一场错误喜剧发生在巴黎和埃拉特之间,讲述了 20 年未见面的双胞胎兄弟的故事。 Papi 是一名同性恋时装设计师,他的男朋友是一名以色列军队的逃兵,而他的管道工兄弟 Max,他在埃拉特过着简单的家庭生活。 如果兄弟俩都满足各自生育三个孩子的唯一条件,一位律师有一天会出现提供 4000 万美元的遗产。

Jacob Kotzky & Ze’ev Revach - Pa’amaim Buskila AKA Buskila Twins (1998) Israel

A comedy of errors takes place between Paris and Eilat, and tells the story of twin brothers who have not met for 20 years. Papi, a gay fashion designer with a deserter from the Israeli Army as his boyfriend, and Max, his plumber brother who lives the simple family life in Eilat. A lawyer shows up one day to offer a $40 million dollar inheritance if both brothers meet the sole condition of having three children each.

Language(s) Hebrew, French, Russian

Subtitles included: English, Hebrew(G5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent