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一年后,卢卡斯被他不朽的朋友米卡尔(图兰邓肯饰)召唤回地球,以帮助阻止吸血鬼王母莉莉丝(阿比盖尔劳布里格斯饰)和她利用来自 一所受人尊敬的大学。 在一个强大的女巫和她的女巫团的帮助下,卢卡斯继续寻找他不朽的情人托比,同时试图阻止莉莉丝的邪恶计划。(机译)

Back from the underworld to claim his immortal love.

After having his true love Toby Brighter (Dan Briggs) snatched from his arms and dragged into Hell’s realm, Lucas Delmore (Rhys Howells) followed in vain searching and fighting his way through the demonic hordes in the underworld.

A year later, Lucas is summoned back to earth by his immortal friend Mikal (Turan Duncan) to help stop Lilith (Abigail Law-Briggs), the Queen Mother of the Vampires, and her devilish plan to create a master vampire race using students from an esteemed college. With the help of a powerful witch and her coven, Lucas continues his search for his immortal lover Toby while trying to stop Lilith’s evil plan.

Language: English

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