Man of the Year (1995) - Comedy - Mockumentary

模拟看《花花公子》杂志插页和 1992 年年度风云人物 Dirk Shafer,他向杂志隐瞒了自己是同性恋的秘密。这部电影的大部分内容是对德克决定向花花公子寄一张照片的虚构复述,他被选为插页,然后是年度人物,他的许多电视采访,他的朋友薇薇安帕克斯顿冒充他的胡子,以及他生活中的压力 - 出柜的情人。 穿插在这种按时间顺序的叙述中,黑白相间的画面是德克与安吉拉·卢卡西(Angela Lucassey)度过的一个晚上,她是来自雷诺的女子,赢得了花花女郎全国比赛的冠军,与德克约会,以及对追踪德克的脱衣舞娘的采访。

The first gay movie I saw growing up! Had to buy the DVD of Amazon since it wasn’t available anywhere to stream or download.

Rip from DVD.

Quality matches the DVD perfectly, so the occasional image noise is in the source.

Mockumentary look at Playgirl Magazine centerfold and 1992 Man of the Year, Dirk Shafer, who kept it a secret from the magazine that he is gay. Most of the film is a fictionalized retelling of Dirk’s decision to send a photograph to Playgirl, his selection as a centerfold and then Man of the Year, his many TV interviews, his friend Vivian Paxton posing as his beard, and the pressures from his live-in lover to come out of the closet. Interspersed with this chronological narrative are a black and white look at an evening Dirk spends with Angela Lucassey, a woman from Reno who wins Playgirl’s national contest to have a date with Dirk, and an interview with a stripper who tracks Dirk down.(G5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent