Stranger s Love (Philippines,EngSub,1080p)

一部由两部分组成的短片,肯定会给您有关希望的课程。 两位有抱负的演员上演了这个独一无二的故事。

This is a Short Film in 2 parts produced by the collaboration of 2 Filipino companies. English subtitles are supplied by the producers, and are provided here embedded in the .mkv file. If you need them separately, just demux them with the appropriate Matroska utility program. The program is in 2 parts, just play them in numerical order. The running time for this short film totals a bit over 29 and a half minutes.

PLOT: A two part short film that will surely give you lessons about HOPE. Two aspiring actor played on this one of a kind story. Starring Rod Corpuz and Jiro Salazar.(G5V.NET)


種子 / 种子 / Torrent