Memory (Vietnam,EngSub,1080p) Ep4

Khánh Dang 在一次严重事故后失去了记忆。 他只记得他和这个名叫Tô Linh的女孩有过某种互动。 当他问起这件事时,Tô Linh 会告诉他他们两个是真正的恋人。 没有任何回忆,Khánh Dang 认为是这样。 然而,他总是对这段关系感到厌倦,尤其是当杜林表现得很严厉、反复无常的时候。 发生这种情况时,Khánh Dang 会感到头疼。 然后他会做一个梦,梦里他和一个不知名的男孩正在相亲相爱。 这给他的精神科医生提出了许多问题。(机译)

Memory (from Vietnam, with English Subtitles, in 1080p) Episode 4


This is a new BL series from YoungLifeTiVi, producers of the recent “A Love Song for My Beloved”.

English subtitles are supplied by the producers, and are provided here embedded in the .mkv file.

If you need them separately, just demux them with the appropriate Matroska utility program.

The running time for this episode is just under 19 and a half minutes.

PLOT: Khánh Dang lost his memory after a serious accident. He could only remember he had some sort of interaction with this girl named Tô Linh. When he asked her about it, Tô Linh would tell him that the two of them were actual lovers. Not having any recollection, Khánh Dang believes it to be the case. However, he would always feel tired of this relationship, especially when Tô Linh is acting harsh, and erratic. When this occurs, Khánh Dang would experience a bad headache. Then he would have a dream in which he and an unknown boy were being affectionate towards each other. This raises many questions for his psychiatrist.

As time goes by, Khánh Dang grows more tired, wearied, and depressed to the point where he decides to commit suicide. Unbeknown to him, this fatal decision of his becomes a bet for the gods. Will Khánh Dang succeed in committing suicide? Or will he discover instead the real secrets buried deep in his soul?

I see no need for a weekly writeup, the “Plot” is quite detailed.(G5V.NET)


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