In A Relationship (Thai,EngSub,1080p) Ep04-05-06


In A Relationship (from Thailand, with English Subtitles, in 1080p) Episodes 4,5,6

This is a new BL “Web Mini Series” from Jinloe Media Work, who made “What The Duck” and “War of High School”. The episodes are very short, only a couple of minutes each, and these 3 together add up to just under 14 minutes. The subtitles, in Thai and English, are burned into the video. They are white with black outlines and are easy to read.

PLOT: This seems to be a practically a copy of “GameBoys”, but it doesn’t seem to be set during a pandemic, and seems to divurge in the promo for next week.

Anyway the boys are cute, and the whole thing is light and fun.

This seems to be coming out weekly, the reason for the very short episodes appears to be that it is also released through TikTok, and I think this is just a weeekly bundle.


種子 / 种子 / Torrent