Will the Flower Bloom (HD,Eng Sub)

Will the Flower Bloom

Japanese Movie
Japanese with English Subtitles


37-year-old Kazuaki Sakurai works at an advertising agency. One day, he goes to a beautiful house to shoot a commercial and meets 19-year-old art student Yoichi Minagawa while he is painting. Sakurai becomes attracted to Minagawa, but Minagawa is only interested in painting but soon takes an interest in Sakurai. Just when the two men become closer, Sakurai gets transferred to Osaka.

A live-action film adaptation produced by Toei Studios was announced in September 2017, starring Tsurugi Watanabe in his debut film role as Youichi Minagawa. Kousei Amano was later cast as Kazuaki Sakurai. Additional cast members include Akihisa Shiono, Yuito Obara, Atomu Mizuishi, and Yasukaze Motomiya.

The film is directed by Kaori Tanimoto, with the script written by Natsuko Takahashi.