Triple Crossed English, Greek, Dutch, French Subs

The leading actor and film director is Sean Paul Lockhart also known as Brent Corrigan, one of the hottest and most popular performers of male-to-male adult entertainment (look him up in this site). In his early years as a male-to-male performer, he was at the center of two major controversies / scandals that involved underage erotic work and even a murder case. Corrigan however was never accused of anything and no evidence has ever surfaced. He has successfully gotten on with his career, having established his own web site, continuing to work in adult films and appearing in some LGBTQI films, as well as directing them. His early years in male-to-male entertainment have been made into a film (see relevant links furtherdown)

"Triple Crossed" A low budget film, with lots of male nudity. A gritty and seductive take on one man's torment, the collateral damage of war and finding life after loss with two handsome men making a hot couple, with great body shape and chemistry.

Co-star Jack Brockett is brutally hot, and he carried the movie with strong acting throughout. Super hot body/movement and a very expressive face, with stunning rare eyes; very intense and handsome face indeed (imdb)