The Shortest Distance 3 - Fallen Flowers

The Shortest Distance 3 - Fallen Flowers

Japanese with English Subtitles


Haruto and Aoyama, once a couple, are now completely without contact. As Aoyama's secrets are gradually revealed, Haruto, now the shop manager of an underground escort club, is starting to question whether the man he loves is worth the wait; his feelings for escort Ruka has also evolved from mere compassion into something more. A mystery sex toy links the past and now of Aoyama, Shibahara, Ruka, and Haruto. A sudden murder then happens in 'Rain& Soda' as one of the escorts serves a customer. The murder horrifies the club, and the truth is soon to be brought under the light of this sensual world of sultriness.

Director: Yamauchi Daisuke

Cast: Mukai Riku, Shioguchi Ryohei

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