The Riot Club, English, Greek, Multisubs


I wish to thank uzlicek, the original uploader in 2014

Language: English with English subs embedded in the mkv file and also English, Greek, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish,

Swedish, Finnish subs in separate .srt.

Στα Αγγλικά με Αγγλικούς, Ελληνικούς υπότιτλους σε .srt. και ακόμα 6 γλώσσες.



Filthy rich, spoilt rotten !! This interesting British film (it's not gay / queer per se) describes the actions and ideology of an elite fraternity in the University of Oxford. Here we are dealing with a small clique of students, from wealthy and/or aristocratic families of Britain (amongst them one gay and one Greek shipowner !). These brotherhoods are nurseries for the production of top politicians and businessmen, "naive villains" who firmly believe that their privileges are above the laws that apply to common people and as one of the group says in the present film: "I am sick of the poor!" . Based on a real club ("The Bullingdon Club" of former British PM Cameron), the film tries to showcase the modern, aristocratic, elitistic way of life and thinking in a society of strong class divisions. The film is based on Laura Wade's theatrical play, "Posh". The play focuses rather on the delight of debauchery itself, although it does not miss the satirical political spikes. However, in the film script that she wrote, the hints are limited, so the Danish director Mrs Lone Shering could only move into this tight context : Tell a night of decay that ends in a life lesson for these spoiled brats.

The cast includes the cream of young/handsome/talented British actors, including Max Irons, son of Jeremy Irons and hereunder, I give you direct links to some of their LGBTQI films available in this site. Look them up !!