The Man With The Answers (2021)

Ex-championship diver Victoras whiles away his days on the Greek coast, toiling away at a factory with only his dreams, medals and grandmother for company. When a phone call summons him to Germany, a simple road trip is the answer - that is until he crosses paths with the handsome Mathias - a free-spirited hitchhiker who tempts Victoras to take the road not taken. 'The Man with the Answers' is a picture-postcard travelogue about the familial ties that bind, the boys that catch our eye, and the twists and turns that lead us home.

Some technical stuff:
Video: mp4 h264
Audio: aac
Language: English, German, Italian, Greek
Subtitle: English (only for non English parts)
Resolution: 1280x720
Duration: 1h 21m