That Room [MKV]

That Room (2014)
Mandarin with English Subtitles

That year, Shih committed suicide in his room on Moon Festival. Wei, deeply in love with Shih, is still suffering from the loss of his beloved alone and living in their apartment in grief. Memories cut as a dagger, while the unbearable yearning hurts and makes Wei isolate himself. Moon Festival is around the corner. In regard to death, lover, relatives, and friends, how will Wei act when facing all of them?

The profoundly moving second film by the director of "Sodom's Cat" and "Little Man," Huang Ting-Chun

Huang Ting-Chun
Figaro Tseng
Joe Black Chou
Belle Shin

Format: MKV
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Duration: 41 m 5 s
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