Run the Movie (Philippines,EngSub,1080p) Full Movie

Starring JR Versales, Keann Johnson, Zhay Cuevas & Miko Manapul

Written, produced and directed by Mel Magno.

Subtitles are white, and burned into the video. They are easy to read.

PLOT: The film is about Mark Merano (Keann Johnson) and Gene Villarama (JR Versales), two gay guys who are (as the title implies) running away from an unaccepting society and not from themselves nor from their families that have known their sexuality from the day they were born.

“I would say that Run tackles the topic of homosexuality in a deeper manner,” explained Mel who has done two films, Ripples and Bata, Gabi Na Saan Ka Pupunta?, with Run as his first foray into BL territory. “Bata touches on homosexuality but not as deep as does Run. In Run, malalim ang pagtalakay sa homosexuality. It deals with a part of my own life, although the story is a composite of the lives of people I know, including mga pananaw (opinions) ko sa lipunan which has not fully accepted the reality of homosexuality. I would say that the whole film is my statement. Which of the two characters am I? I am Gene Villarama but I want to be Mark Merano, gusto kong matanggap ako ng isang Mark Merano.”

“When you are in love, whether with a girl or with another guy,” claimed Keann, “you hold hands, you hug and you kiss. Love should be above gender, beyond gender.”

“They were cooperative,” related Mel, “but initially during the shoot of the shower scene with another actor, I had to explain to them that they had to do it. I told them, ‘Forget that you are Keann and you are JR...think that you are your characters Mark and Gene. You are actors; embrace your characters.’ Do it, otherwise baka tapos na ang pandemic ay hindi pa tayo tapos. They were already shaking from the cold. My strategy worked.”

And, according to Mel, what worked was the songs he played during the shoot.

“I wrote 14 original songs for the movie,” shared Mel, “and every song fitted every scene in which it was played, not just partially but in full. For that shower scene, I played Mahal, Huwag Kang Matakot.”

The film runs just over 2 hours, and also includes "two extras", 2 Music Videos which run straight after the end of the film.

Total run time is 2 hours 10 minutes 27 seconds.