River Knows Fish Heart

River Knows Fish Heart 鱼心河忍

China 2018

Mandarin with English subtitles

This is the story of two school boys who are aspiring musicians, meeting by fluke and falling in love along the way to a music competition. An He (translates to "River" in Chinese) is a musical genius who is experiencing writer's block. Xiao Yu (translates to "Little Fish" in Chinese) is a rich kid who runs away from home. Both have their own challenges in school and in life. Will they be able to overcome their own insecurities and achieve their dreams?

Director: Lu Po-wen

Cast: Meng Yue Chen, Zheng Jia-jiang, Han Jing-cheng

1.07 GB
1 h 59 m
1280 x 720
1,183 kbps
23.976 fps