My personal gay film collection

For the past year I've been binging a ton of gay films (no thanks to covid). And I've been archiving those that to me have rewatchability.

Some technical stuff:

All files are converted to mp4 format for better compatibility.

All films are fully tagged with HQ posters, full descriptions (taken from iTunes or imdb), cast and crew info... These tags can be viewed in iTunes or Plex, and probably most other media players but I only use these 2.

Most films have English subtitles, those few that don't are already in English. I'd love to have subtitles for all of them but I cant for the life of me find those missing few anywhere on the internet so if someone can help me with this I'd really appreciate it (Sublet, Pit Stop, The Lawyer).

Ps: Credit to this blog [] for all the recommendation

File list:

God's Own Country (2017)
4th Man Out (2015)
A Skeleton in the Closet (2020)
After Louie (2017)
Beautiful Something (2015)
Before the Fall (2016)
Big Eden (2000)
Dashing in December (2020)
El Sexo De Los Angeles (2012)
End of the Century (2019)
Escaping Freedom (2020)
Esteros (2016)
Five Dances (2013)
Free Fall (2013)
From Beginning to End (2009)
4 Moons (2014)
Hawaii (2013)
I Do (2012)
In the Name Of (2013)
Just a Question of Love (2000)
Label Me (2019)
Lazy Eye (2015)
Mario (2018)
Maurice (1987)
Orpheus' Song (2019)
Pit Stop (2013)
Plan B (2009)
Pride (2014)
Sauvage (2018)
Sexual Tension - Volatile (2012)
Shelter (2007)
Stranger By The Lake (2013)
Strapped (2010)
Sublet (2020)
Supernova (2020)
Taekwondo (2016)
Taxi zum Klo (1980)
Tell No One (2012)
The 10 Year Plan (2014)
The Acrobat (2019)
The Blonde One (2020)
The Christmas Setup (2020)
The Lawyer (2020)
The Perfect Wedding (2012)
The Prince (2019)
The Strong Ones (2019)
The Year I Lost My Mind (2017)
Theo and Hugo (2016)
Tiger Orange (2014)
Tomcat (2016)
Uncle Frank (2020)
Weekend (2011)
Where Are You Going, Habibi (2015)
Yossi (2012)
You and I (2015)