Mermaid's Jade (China,EngSubs,1080p)

Mermaid's Jade (2019)


Mandarin with English Subtitles

I had dificulties with the Subtitles. The English Subs were shown directly over the Chinese Subs.

So I selected a Black Background to cover the Chinese Subs. But the Background then covers part of the image each time that is an English Sub. Oh well...

In the toxic haze of Chang'an the Crown Prince, one of the candidates for the role of the future emperor, is trying to seize power. Meanwhile the beautiful merman Yixia becomes the male favorite of Che Yuanshan, the Minister of Criminal Justice . Fleeing from Chang'an with hatred, he finally returns to Che Yuanshan with a sharp knife of revenge.

Director: Kaiqiang Zhang

Cast: Zhang Bo Han, Andrew Leng

Format: MKV H.264
File Size: 1.23 GB
Duration: 1 h 5 m
Image Size: 1920x1080 p
Bit Rate: 2,670 kbps
Frame Rate: 30.000 fps