And Me English, Greek, Dutch subtitles

The &ME screenplay is based on the novel Fremdkörper by author Oscar van den Boogaard. It was shot across four countries in eight weeks, is told in four languages and employed an international cast and crew, claiming eight different nationalities. It takes place in the setting of the European Parliament, moving every month from Brussels to Strasbourg in a convoy of enormous trucks. Eduard, a gay and disillusioned bureaucrat, leaves Berlin for Brussels to take up a post within the EU. There he meets the beautiful young Spanish trainee Edurne, who has finally escaped the clutches of her over-protective mother. Edurne falls madly for Eduard and he is happy to go along with the situation, surprised at the level of affection he feels for this young woman. The attractive Richard enters and is soon the focus of both Eduard and Edurne's attention. Will Richard turn out to be the glue that holds them together or the wedge that drives them apart? (wikipedia)

Trivia : 1) The role of the crazy Spanish mama is played by the legendary Rosy de Palma, one of Almodovar's muses (see her in films like Law of Desire, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Kika, The Flower of My Secret, Julieta etc etc).

2) In early 2018, the author of this script, Oscar van den Boogaard, claimed to be an illegitimate son of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, which would make him a half-brother of former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.