Midnight Screening with the Vampire [HEVC]

Your Name Engraved Herein 2020 1080p NF-WEB-DL

Shadows of Yesterday [HEVC]

พี่ชาย ~ Phi Chai ~ Pee Chai = Brother AKA My Bromance (Thailand, 2014) Eng&MultiSub

Minyan (2020) by Eric Steel

Taekwondo (Argentina, 2016) .mp4 Ger+Chi Sub & offer

쌍화점 Ssang-hwa-jeom AKA A Frozen Flower (Korea, 2008) Fre&+Sub [King protector]

Coming Out [HEVC]

Tale of the Lost Boys - Director's Cut [HEVC]

Bearcity (2010) 1080p x264

Ghost Boyfriend 1 (2016) [Mandarin,EngSubs,HEVC]

Suk Suk (2019) aka Twilight's Kiss 1080p Bluray x265

Bearcity 3 (2016) 1080p x264

Bearcity 2: The Proposal (2012) 1080p x264

River Made to Drown In (USA, 1997) FreSub - Passé sous silence

His Cat (2018) [Mandarin,EngSubs,HEVC]

שבלולים בגשם‎ ~ Shablulim BaGeshem = Snails in the Rain (Israel, 2013) HcStFr

Dew (2019/Thailand) with English subtitles

Long Time No See - [Korean,EngSub,720,HEVC]

Dennis Cooper's Weak species (2009)

Ba wang bie ji AKA Farewell My Concubine (China [Hong Kong], 1993) Dual audio French & EngSub

Do Começo ao Fim AKA From Beginning to End (Brazil ,2009) French dubbed: Jamais sans toi

Black Summer [Korean,EngSubs,HEVC]

Gohatto-Taboo (1999) [EngSub,HEVC,1920]

御法度 ~ Gohatto = Law AKA Taboo - Nagisa Oshima (Japan, 1999) HcStFr : Tabou