Legend of Long Yang 2017 (Chinese,EngSub,HEVC1914x808)

Legend of Long Yang (2017)


Chinese with English Subtitles

“I may lose my sovereignty; I may lose my land. But I shall never lose you.” This epic Chinese historical BL drama follows Long Yang, a strategist, martial artist, diplomat, and the first ever male paramour of all Chinese history. Living in the warring states period of ancient China–– a time of turbulence and uncertainty––he manages to gain the favor of Ji Yu, the King of Wei. A series of magical events bring the lord and his servant together as lovers, but dangerous conspiracies within the harem are lurking to destroy their romance……

Director: Yu Fei

Cast: Eric Wang, Chen Dou Qi, Huo Meng

Format: MKV HEVC
File Size: 713 MB
Duration: 1 h 10 m
Image Size: 1914x808 p (2.35:1)
Frame Rate: 30.000 fps
Bit Rate: 1,418 kbps